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180 coronavirus evacuees medically cleared after quarantine at Travis AFB


FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KRON) — A group of 180 American evacuees have been medically cleared after their 14-day quarantine at Travis Air Force Base, according to CDC officials.

The group of evacuees who came from Wuhan, China have been living under a mandatory quarantine at the base due to coronavirus concerns.

CDC officials lifted their quarantine orders Tuesday.

Officials stressed that these people being released from quarantine pose no health risk to the public.

One of at least two buses left the base on Tuesday carrying evacuees to San Francisco and Sacramento International Airports.

Jeffrey Ho, an evacuee, will be leaving on Wednesday.

“I’m already officially cleared to leave already, that’s why I have this wrist band. They gave me this wristband after they did the last temp check on me and I got a letter from the CDC saying that I am clear of the coronavirus, so I’m already officially done,” Ho said.

Ho says he was in China with his family to celebrate Chinese New Year when they were quarantined overseas.

He says his 1-year-old daughter stayed behind because he felt it was safer.

“I think I was more on edge when I was actually traveling from my original location in China to Wuhan, China because Wuhan is the ground zero for this outbreak so it’s a little on edge while traveling there and it’s also very nerve-wracking,” Ho said.

The evacuees have been staying at a hotel after being flown into town on a state-department chartered flight.

“Once I got to the base, it’s, I feel a little more relaxed because um, we’re away from the danger zone where most of the virus is at, so I felt a lot safer already here,” Ho said.

Base officials say everyone quarantined two weeks ago should be gone by the end of the week.

This first group of evacuees were flown in on a government-chartered plane out of Wuhan, China and arrived at the base on Feb. 5.

Guests and staff at the hotel on base were moved out ahead of the group’s arrival, officials said.

A second group carrying more US evacuees out of Wuhan arrived on base late Sunday. Officials said 14 of people in that group tested positive for coronavirus, but were able to board the plane to Fairfield because they showed no symptoms.

The passengers who were onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship have been quarantined in separate quarters and it remains unknown when they will be released.

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 73,000 people around the world, mostly in mainland China.

The death toll is 1,873, including 5 people outside mainland China.

Several countries are sending flights for their citizens onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined off the Japan coast.

The US has evacuated more than 300 Americans from that ship.

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