Seattle, Washington (KSAN/KLST) — Amazon has announced that face shields will be sold at cost to front-line medical workers.

The face shields are designed by the same engineers who created the Amazon Prime Air drones, according to a press release sent Tuesday morning.

Amazon estimates the cost of their face shields is 33% less than other reusable face shields available to medical personnel. The shields are available at and are priced at $66.25 for a box of 25.

Rendering of face shield design (Credit: Courtesy Amazon)

The company also announced they will be donating a total of 200,000 face shields over the course of this year to medical personnel in addition to a donation of $10 million in PPE and additional equipment to medical personnel, announced on July 16.

The design for the face shields has been made available to anyone via an open-source design package suitable for 3-D printing or injection-molding and can be found at the PNWS github repository.

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