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Anti-maskers burn face coverings, embrace end of mask mandate in Texas


Some Texans embraced the end of the state’s mask mandate, which was officially lifted on Wednesday, March 10, eight days after Gov. Greg Abbott announced the decision and said “everything” in the state could open at full capacity.

McAllen resident Joacim Hernandez marked the occasion Wednesday by throwing a mask on a grill and setting it ablaze.

“I support businesses’ right to require a mask and each person’s right to keep wearing one,” Hernandez told Storyful. “I also support individuals celebrating their freedom to not wear a mask where allowed by those establishments. Freedom of choice is what is to be celebrated,” Hernandez said.

School boards, courts, college campuses, and other facilities can still require people to wear masks, local media reported.

Businesses can limit capacity or require masks “at their own discretion,” according to Abbott’s announcement.

Hernandez told Storyful he will comply with businesses that uphold the mask mandate, but said he will not wear a mask when it’s not required.

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