SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – President Trump still refuses to sign a $900-billion coronavirus relief bill leaving benefits for 14-million people in limbo.

Congress passed that bill that would give qualified Americans a $600 check earlier this week but President Trump says it does not help the American people enough. He wants $2,000 payments instead.

This second stimulus package is far from perfect but without the president signing it. Not only will pandemic unemployment programs run out, the government is at risk of shutting down leading to millions more being furloughed. 

A San Jose State University political science expert says the president was weak in his negotiating and is much too late in asking for more payment money in this bill. 

The clock is ticking for President Trump to sign the second COVID-19 relief bill aimed at helping millions of struggling Americans.

If the bill is not signed, expanded unemployment benefits will be cut off, as well as eviction protection and billions in relief funding for states.

“Donald Trump ran for office saying he was the one person who could fix government but I have to say today he looks like the one person who is breaking it,” Donna Crane said. 

Donna Crane adjunct professor of political science at San Jose State University says a lot of compromising between Democrats and Republicans had to be done to get to this point. 

The president’s belated ask in seeing an increase in the payment amount the professor says is willfully disruptive. 

President Trump should also be looking at his own party as to why there was no increase before the bill was passed.

“$2,000 would be better than $600. The problem is Republicans won’t vote for $2,000. They didn’t go for it in between May and December and they just voted it down two days ago when Nancy Pelosi put that resolution on the house floor,” Crane said. 

The pandemic unemployment assistance or PUA and the pandemic unemployment emergency compensation programs would both be extended under this relief bill.

As the president delays signing the latest round of federal aid an estimated 12-million people will lose unemployment benefits after this weekend. 

If the president eventually does sign the bill, those payments are now expected to be delayed for weeks.

“I just don’t understand how the president is golfing on a day when I walk literally on my block and there are more homeless people this week than there were last month,” Crane said. 

Professor Crane also points out that the president is misrepresenting relief aid with the ominous spending bill.

Claims that foreign countries are receiving more money than Americans in the COVID-19 bill are untrue. 

Two separate bills were passed and one is specifically designed to fund the government while the other is designed to provide COVID-19 relief. 

They are not one in the same.

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