(KRON) – Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a major concern for people is how the virus spreads.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to learn more about COVID-19, it is believed to spread mainly from person to person and not through other ways, like touching surfaces.

The CDC says that a person who does not have symptoms is still able to pass the virus on.

According to the CDC, the virus can spread if a person is in close contact with someone else, and when someone with the infection coughs, sneezes, or talks causing droplets to land in another persons mouth or nose.

While it varies on how easily COVID-19 can spread, the CDC says ‘some viruses are highly contagious.’

‘The virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading very easily and sustainably between people.”

As they learn more, the CDC says the virus seems to be spreading easier than influenza.

The virus can be spread in other ways, but not as easily. That includes touching surfaces or objects, or from animals to people and vice versa.

The CDC advises you to continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and routinely disinfect surfaces.

For more details, visit the CDC website.

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