SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The coronavirus continues to spread globally causing major concerns.

But how exactly is it spreading?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released information on how COVID-19 spreads to help better prepare yourself.

According to the CDC, you can contract the virus if you are within six feet from someone infected or if they cough or sneeze producing droplets.

Those droplets can travel to someone else’s mouth or nose.

Person-to-person contact is thought to be the main way of spreading the virus.


It is also possible to spread the virus by touching the same surfaces as a person who is infected. From there, if you touch your mouth, nose, or eye, the CDC says the virus is spread.

Some people may be infected with a virus and not show symptoms right away. This could lead to the virus spreading without even knowing.

The CDC says the coronavirus seems to be spreading easily through the communities.

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