SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If the Western Conference Finals are any indication, mass gatherings will continue now that the Warriors are in the NBA Finals. Medical experts say these gatherings come with extreme risk as COVID-19 cases surge again.

“We are seeing an awful lot of people get sick and miss work and time with family and travel and this is the time to be careful so as not to get infected,” said UC Berkeley Infectious Disease Dr. John Swartzberg.

Swartzberg says the best way to protect yourself from serious illness is to be up to date on the vaccine.

“Not just one of two of them but a third one. If you are a candidate for the fourth one, make sure you get that. That’s the most critical thing,” Swartzberg said.

Your next step is to reducing your risk is choosing where you’ll watch the game.

“The Chase Center has pretty good ventilation but there will be 19,000-plus people,” Swartzberg said. “Some will be masked but most will not and the worst thing is that people will be yelling and screaming meaning lots of virus coming out of their mouths.”

Swartzberg recommends those inside the Chase Center wear a mask for the duration. Better yet, he says is to watch the game outdoors either on the big screen outside the Chase Center or an outdoor sports bar.

Ultimately, he says the best bet is to have small gathering at your home.

“I personally would have a party at my house, invite people I know would not come sick, who I know would test before they come over, then I think we can have a great time and be really safe,” Swartzberg said.

Medical experts say everybody’s risk tolerance is different. If there was every a time to give it extra special consideration, it’s now during a surge.