SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The spread of the COVID-19 virus remains disproportionately higher in San Francisco’s Latinx community. 

That has been consistent from the beginning of the pandemic.

On Friday, a representative of the Latino Task Force says now it’s time for the city to take action to mitigate the spread.

The results are in from United in Health’s Healthy Holidays COVID-19 Testing Campaign. 

The primary focus – San Francisco’s Latinx community. 

Nearly 7,000 people were tested during the 3-days before and after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

79% of those who tested positive were from the city’s Latinx community. However, only half of the test participants were Latinx.

“We know that in San Francisco Latinos are 15% of the city but have been 50% of the caseload and 24% of the deaths in San Francisco,” Jon Jacobo said. 

The testing campaign is a collaboration between UCSF’s United in Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the Latino Task Force. 

The LTF Health Committee Chair Jon Jacobo gives the disproportionate results some perspective.

“It is not because somehow we are unable to mask or unable to follow rules. That’s actually not the truth. We are essential workers. We are at the restaurants that you order from door dash. We are drivers transporting the goods from the farms. We are the farmers who are picking food. In many ways, it is those roles that put us at the front line,” Jacobo said. 

He says congregated living due to the high cost of housing in the city is another contributing factor. 

This was United in Health’s biggest COVID-19 testing project of the year. Encompassing San Francisco’s Mission District, Bayview, Sunnydale, Excelsior and Visitation Valley. 

The disproportionate results among Latinx being consistent with previous testing events from earlier this year. 

Jacobo says now it is time for the city to take action.

“The action plan moving forward has to be simple. Seriously double down on efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus. More importantly, the resources have to be matched to make sure that those most on the margins have the ability to shelter in place with dignity and safety,” Jacobo said.

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