CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) – A concerned parent is going public with her upsetment after learning of a COVID outbreak at a church summer camp. 

Hundreds of kids from several churches, including at least one from the Bay Area, may have been exposed to coronavirus at Hume Lake, east of Fresno in the Sierra.

The mother is now telling KRON4 this was dangerous and avoidable.

The mother’s concern is over testing or proof of vaccination. 

She believes Hume Lake and the churches, including 3Crosses here in Castro Valley, may have allowed unvaccinated teens or teens without proof of a negative COVID-19 test to go to camp and expose others.

The mom tells us this apparent lack of oversight puts her daughter and others at risk.

At least three campers at Hume Lake Christian Camps have tested positive for COVID-19. 

3Crosses Church in Castro Valley had hundreds of their kids at the camp in the Sierra National Forest last week. 

Four days into the trip, on July 15th, Hume Lake notified parents of the positive tests.

By Tuesday morning, 3Crosses alerted attendees and families of an outbreak at the lake.

A concerned mother says the lake and the church should not have allowed unvaccinated kids or kids without a negative COVID test to go to the camp.

She says an email from 3Crosses was sent to some parents, but not her, before the week-long getaway asking for only proof of a test, not proof of a negative result. 

It also asks if a parent thinks their child was in contact with someone who has COVID to only evaluate if the child should go to camp. 

The lake has responded saying, ‘all necessary precautions were taken to keep campers safe.’

A statement from Hume Lake reading in part:

“We require a vaccination or negative COVID test within three days of attending camp at Hume Lake. We initiated contact tracing by a team of trained professionals to identify people who may have been exposed to the positive campers, and those individuals were sent home per our protocols.”

The lake added there was also deep cleaning done where the infected kids had recently been.

The mother argues that without proof of a negative test or vaccination a child should have never been on the bus or at the camp in the first place. 

She says the policy is reckless and she would have never sent her teenage daughter to the camp knowing this beforehand.

She’s worried hundreds of kids including her own may have been put at risk.

Hume Lake says the three kids who tested positive for COVID-19 at the camp were not from 3Crosses but a spokesperson for 3Crosses says some kids have tested positive since returning home.

High school and junior high school in-person meetings at 3Crosses have been canceled for the next two weeks.