SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Some Bay Area residents can now sign up to be notified if they are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

As of Friday, residents in Marin County and San Francisco can sign up for these notifications.

To receive alerts, those counties are requiring a vaccination interest form to be filled out.

On the interest form, you will need to fill our your work, age, and health condition. You have the option to receive a text, email, or both.

Residents are advised to reach out to their healthcare provider to make an appointment once you are eligible.

Both Marin and San Francisco websites stated:

“We won’t share your personal information with anyone. We will use what you tell us to improve our planning and outreach. You will not be asked about immigration status.”

While counties are still early in the distribution phases, it may take a few months before you receive an alert.

Not all counties are offering the notification alert at this time, however, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties now have dashboards to track the vaccine distribution process.

Below are which counties are beginning vaccine eligibility alerts and how you can sign up:


Marin County has posted an interest form for residents to fill out in order to receive the notifications.

You will receive an alert based on the state’s priority list, but with a limited vaccine supply, you may have to wait.

San Francisco

Starting on January 19, San Francisco was the first Bay Area county to launch a COVID vaccine notification system.

Due to the limited supply, San Francisco also warns residents that it may take a while before being notified.

Check back for details as this will be updated.