East Bay grandmother contracts COVID-19, family demands answers


HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) – An East Bay family is raising concerns about a possible outbreak at a nursing home.

The family claims their grandmother was infected at Hayward Convalescent Hospital and they’re being kept in the dark about what is happening with her.

It’s been challenging to get any answers as to whether there is in-fact an outbreak at this nursing home.

KRON4’s questions have not been confirmed nor denied by the facility but a concerned family member tells us they too have been short on getting answers as their grandmother and possibly several others have been infected.

Debra Evans is a beloved Hayward grandmother and resident at Hayward Convalescent Hospital.

Her family recently learned she’s tested positive for COVID-19.

A freighting call to get because of her age and high-risk medical conditions such as diabetes and emphysema.

Even worse, she might not be the only one infected at the facility.

“It’s despicable. I think of a better way to describe it,” Anthony Casaray said.

Anthony Casaray says he was informed of his grandmother’s infection almost a week after she tested positive. 

He claims the nursing home has put her and others in isolation. Inquiries about how this exposure happened have not been returned.

“It’s just been pretty impossible to get information out of them since we began to question how many people were infected, how did it happen? It seems like we’re just getting resistance,” Casaray said.

Families like Casaray’s have been unable to visit their loved ones in the elderly care facility since March.  

Their usual phone conversations with Evans have been cut off following the positive test.

The Casaray’s believe the nursing home is trying to hide information.

“We can’t see her. We can’t talk to her. We can’t get her account of how she’s feeling. We’re just going by what the nurses and the hospital are telling us which is next to nothing,” Casaray said.

KRON4 reached out to Hayward convalescent Monday via phone and email and did not get confirmation nor denial about a possible outbreak.

Casaray says an investigation needs to happen before patients like his grandmother die.

“I really that Hayward convalescent has to step up and alert the families and they can’t keep things in the dark for something of this caliber,” Casaray said.

We also reached out to the Alameda County Health Department for information on any possible investigation here at the facility, those calls as of this report have not been returned.

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