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Entire US population should stay home, Dr. Fauci says


The nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says the entire nation should be under stay-at-home orders.

A number of states are still holding out, and President Donald Trump is still resisting a nationwide order.

However, some state leaders are joining health officials in urging a stronger response.

It comes as certain areas face an impending shortage of critical supplies and equipment.

“If you look at what is going on in this country, I do not understand why we are not doing that. We really should be,” said Dr. Fauci about a nationwide stay-at-home order.

Now in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, if you must go outside, it’s highly encouraged to keep your face covered.

“Now notice I haven’t called them masks. That’s because N95 and other medical grade masks like surgery masks are reserved for medical workers,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti (D-Los Angeles).

The CDC will soon release national guidelines on wearing face masks but Trump says they will not be required.

“Frankly I don’t think it will be mandatory because some people don’t want to do that, but if people wanted to wear them, they can,” Trump said.

Dr. Deborah Birx says Americans should not forget social distancing, saying the curve of the US coronavirus cases shows that not every American is taking those guidelines seriously.

“So this really is a call to action. we see Spain, France, Italy and Germany and others beginning to bend their curves. We can bend ours but it means everyone has to take that same responsibility,” Dr. Birx said.

A senior federal health official tells CNN the CDC is recommending a four-week evaluation before cities return to certain aspects of community life.

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