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Health experts warn of dangers for the unvaccinated


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – While 50% of San Franciscans have been vaccinated for COVID-19, that’s not the case everywhere in the Bay Area, and certainly not the state or the nation. 

That’s why infectious disease experts want those planning to return to so-called normal to hit the brakes.

“My advice for everybody is, for the month of April, let’s take small steps so we can take big steps in the summer,” said infectious disease specialist Dr, John Swartzberg said.

Especially at a time when more transmissible variants are gaining steam, he is greatly concerned about those unvaccinated.

“Every person not vaccinated is potentially a viral factory, and every viral factory is a factory for producing variants.”

Swartzberg says the key question is – Are enough people immune from the virus due to vaccination or natural infection to stop a 4th surge?

He says the answer is unknown now, but we should know by the first of May.

“By the time we get into May, we will have a lot more people vaccinated in California and the rest of the nation.”

“So if the virus is not able to out-compete that in April, I don’t think it will in the month of June when we have even more people vaccinated.”

Swartzberg says until that time, everyone should take precautions, especially those unvaccinated.

“For the unvaccinated, it means assiduous use of your mask. If you go out, you have that mask on, not getting together in congregate settings, and making sure when you are near people you maintain social distance. Those are the critical things.”

Medical experts say those who are vaccinated have a little more leeway but should remain cautious, at least over the course of this month. 

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