SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – One day after CDC recommendations that fully vaccinated people mask up in public indoor settings, California health leaders are following suit.

Every bay area county except Solano County has had that recommendation in place for nearly two weeks.

With cases spreading and mask recommendations, back even for the vaccinated, questions continue to arise about whether we’re sliding back into a more restrictive time.

“Are we sliding back? Sure. Compared to where we were a month ago…”

Dr. John Swartzberg with UC Berkeley School of Public Health delivering a dose of medicine we may not want to take, but the results are clear… COVID-19 cases are increasing. That’s the bad news, however, he adds… the diagnosis isn’t all bleak.

“It isn’t like where we were 6 months ago, absolutely not, we are not like the Summer surge last year. We didn’t have the vaccine then, but compared to a month ago… not in such great shape.

This is one of the reasons why, the Delta variant is being dissected and studied in labs around the world…

“I think we should be concerned, not fearful, it is a more contagious the Delta, twice is more contagious.”

Dr. Mandavia with Carbon Health says the prescription is clear in this fight to prevent COVID-19, get vaccinated, keep your distance, mask up – especially as those under 12 can’t get vaccinated.

As far as where we are headed, both doctors agree, it is up to us, collectively to do our part.

“I would hope not go back to restrictions, just do what we have learned to do,” said Dr. Mandavia with Carbon Health.