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How CA’s congressional delegation voted for $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks


WASHINGTON (AP/KRON) – The House voted overwhelmingly Monday to increase COVID-19 relief checks to $2,000, meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger payments and sending the bill to the GOP-controlled Senate, where the outcome is highly uncertain.

Democrats led passage, 275-134, their majority favoring additional assistance, but dozens of Republicans suddenly joined in approval.

While Democrats favored bigger checks, Congress had settled on smaller $600 payments in a compromise over the big year-end relief bill Trump reluctantly signed into law.

The president’s GOP allies opposed more spending and Trump’s push puts them in a difficult spot.

Three members of California’s congressional delegation voted against the $2,000 relief checks, while one did not submit a vote.

See how your representative voted below:

NayCA 1st  R  LaMalfa, Doug
YeaCA 2nd  D  Huffman, Jared
YeaCA 3rd  D  Garamendi, John
NayCA 4th  R  McClintock, Tom
YeaCA 5th  D  Thompson, Mike
YeaCA 6th  D  Matsui, Doris
YeaCA 7th  D  Bera, Ami
YeaCA 9th  D  McNerney, Jerry
YeaCA 10th  D  Harder, Josh
YeaCA 11th  D  DeSaulnier, Mark
YeaCA 12th  D  Pelosi, Nancy
YeaCA 13th  D  Lee, Barbara
YeaCA 14th  D  Speier, Jackie
YeaCA 15th  D  Swalwell, Eric
YeaCA 16th  D  Costa, Jim
YeaCA 17th  D  Khanna, Ro
YeaCA 18th  D  Eshoo, Anna
YeaCA 19th  D  Lofgren, Zoe
YeaCA 20th  D  Panetta, Jimmy
YeaCA 21st  D  Cox, TJ
NayCA 22nd  R  Nunes, Devin
No VoteCA 23rd  R  McCarthy, Kevin
YeaCA 24th  D  Carbajal, Salud
YeaCA 25th  R  Garcia, Mike
YeaCA 26th  D  Brownley, Julia
YeaCA 27th  D  Chu, Judy
YeaCA 28th  D  Schiff, Adam
YeaCA 29th  D  Cárdenas, Tony
YeaCA 30th  D  Sherman, Brad
YeaCA 31st  D  Aguilar, Pete
YeaCA 32nd  D  Napolitano, Grace
YeaCA 33rd  D  Lieu, Ted
YeaCA 34th  D  Gomez, Jimmy
YeaCA 35th  D  Torres, Norma
YeaCA 36th  D  Ruiz, Raul
YeaCA 37th  D  Bass, Karen
YeaCA 38th  D  Sánchez, Linda
YeaCA 39th  D  Cisneros, Gilbert
YeaCA 40th  D  Roybal-Allard, Lucille
YeaCA 41st  D  Takano, Mark
YeaCA 42nd  R  Calvert, Ken
YeaCA 43rd  D  Waters, Maxine
YeaCA 44th  D  Barragán, Nanette
YeaCA 45th  D  Porter, Katie
YeaCA 46th  D  Correa, Luis
YeaCA 47th  D  Lowenthal, Alan
YeaCA 48th  D  Rouda, Harley
YeaCA 49th  D  Levin, Mike
YeaCA 51st  D  Vargas, Juan
YeaCA 52nd  D  Peters, Scott
YeaCA 53rd  D  Davis, Susan

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