SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Instructions to wash our hands and steer clear of big crowds have been the constant advice of health experts during COVID-19 but every week we are learning new details about the virus, ​how to spot it and what to expect if you do get infected.

Earlier this week we talked about COVID toes, a rash that some children infected by the virus were reportedly getting. 

We also heard about young adults suffering from strokes as a result of the virus.

Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, a pediatric infectious disease expert with Stanford School of Medicine says health experts are looking into both of those unexpected symptoms. 

“I’ve actually been talking with dermatologists, because they’re curious about “COVID-toes” in children as well, but we don’t know why it’s happening,” said Dr. Maldonado. “We’re not sure if it’s just related to COVID — but it seems that kids who do have COVID, will get this flat rash on their toes.”  She continued, “Not every rash can be COVID but as they continue to look at it they will get more of an understanding and we’ll be able to know more about what the virus does.”

When it comes to young adults, Dr. Maldonado says most may have mild symptoms they won’t even associate with being sick. 

Mild scratchy throat, runny nose, mild fever, all of those are symptoms in young adults. 

She says many likely won’t even know they’re infected which is why wearing masks is so important. 

Dr. Maldonado says researchers are looking at the Chinese experience to get a better understanding of the symptoms in different age groups. 

She says there is evidence that there were increased risks to blood clotting in young adult cases. 

“It seems this virus can also cause  problems with blood coagulation, so it may increase the likelihood your blood can clot when it shouldn’t,” said Dr. Maldonado. “It’s not super common but we have seen it happen and we don’t understand why that is. It doesn’t happen to everybody but it does happen to those who have more severe forms of the disease.”

Dr. Maldonado says the “why” behind various symptoms and unexpected occurrences connected to COVID-19 is still a mystery in most cases. But should be another reminder as to why sheltering in place, and reducing your contact with people is so important.

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