SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — San Francisco Unified says it’s on track to offer in-person learning at some schools on April 12.

The first students returning to campus would be those in Phase 2A, which is pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.

One parent says setting a date is a good step, but still has questions about the reopening plan.

“What’s unclear right now is how many students it actually covers,” Viviane Safrin said. “For example Clarendon is a Wave 3 school which means that outside of these first smaller handful of schools there aren’t reopening dates set.”

Safrin is the mother of two students at Clarendon Elementary School in San Francisco.

One of thousands of parents who have been homeschooling her children for almost a year.

She helped organize the “Zoom In” protests, staged outside closed schools to bring awareness to students struggling with distance learning the past year.

Safrin plans to continue to get the message out.

“We have to keep working until there is an option for five full days for all students K-12. We know it can be done safely,” she said. “We love and support our teachers. We support them. We’re so glad they’re getting vaccinated.”

San Francisco public schools will reopen in-person on April 12.

Under the tentative health and safety agreement, the district and union are working to return as many students as possible in focal groups to nearly a full school day, five days a week.

Elementary students will stay with their teacher.

“The agreement is for preschool thru 5th grade and then all students from preschool thru high school who are in special day classes in the special education program,” Susan Solomon said.

Solomon is president of the Teacher’s Union United Educators of San Francisco says safety protocols are in place and educators and staff will receive proper PPE.

“Masks, gowns, face shields, even N95 masks for educators whose work may require the students close up not within 6 feet and in some cases some educators will be going to more than one stable cohort,” Solomon said.

Solomon says educators will be finding out when the start dates are for their schools and they will have access to the buildings two weeks before school starts so they can start setting up their classrooms.

Other students will be offered in-person options by the end of April.

“The district will provide more details on monday. meantime, the city attorney is moving forward with the lawsuit filed against the district and board of education to reopen schools. a court hearing is set for March 22.

The city attorney’s office said the school district’s opening plan is not clear enough.

“We’ve seen nothing in writing. The school district’s vague and ambiguous statements raise more questions than answers,” Herrera’s communications director told KRON4. “How many kids will still be in distance learning? What grades? For how long? Health experts at every level say schools can be open right now with basic safety precautions, like masks, physical distance and good ventilation. Unless and until the district offers in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible, our lawsuit will continue.”