SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Letting kids call the shots.

There’s a new push by California Senator Scott Wiener that would allow kids as young as 12 to be able to get vaccinated for COVID and other things, like measles, without parental permission.

“There are nearly 1 million teens unvaccinated in California,” Wiener says.

Wiener says with high numbers of those 12-17 still not vaccinated against COVID-19 in California, it is causing major disruptions in their lives.

“We have been working with teen advocates, teens in middle school and high school students. Some parents are not motivated,” Wiener said. “They had to quit their jobs, or not be able to play sports, or got to their friends, it is having a huge impact, a negative impact.”

He introduced Senate Bill 866 that he says would grant a minor the power to make their own decisions about an FDA authorized vaccine.

He says it is vital for parents or guardians to talk with their minors about health care issues.

But he adds, when it comes to this pandemic, California should follow the lead of other states, especially after hearing from teens.

“If they have a parent who is prohibiting getting a vaccine, because of their political views, or if they have parents who disagree or divorced parents who disagree or unable to take to the vaccine site, these kids should be able to protect their own health,” Wiener said.

Wiener says he hopes to have a hearing on this by next month. He adds preteens already have authority, per state law, on other matters.

Teens are able to can get birth control, mental health care, etc.