MARIN, Calif. (KRON) – Marin County has moved into the yellow tier making it the only county in California to do so.

On Wednesday, the CDC COVID Data Tracker was updated showing Marin has moderate levels of community COVID-19 transmission.

According to county officials, there was a ‘direct correlation between high vaccination rates and decreasing case rates.’

The county will continue to use the CDC tracker to monitor transmission rates, but if the county stays in the yellow tier for three weeks in a row, the local indoor mask mandate will come to an end and default to California’s current mask mandate is.

Starting on Oct. 15, indoor mask guidelines will be easing in Marin County, as case and hospitalization rates continue to drop.

The following businesses potentially qualify for indoor mask exemptions if they can prove that all who are present are fully vaccinated:

  • Gyms/Fitness Centers
  • Office Settings
  • Employee Commuter Vehicles
  • Religious Gatherings
  • College Classes

County officials released the following statement:

Yes, we received word late yesterday that Marin moved into the “moderate” or yellow level of the CDC’s Community Transmission Tracker. Currently, Marin County is the only county in California with the yellow classification.  

This was earned by our community through high vaccination rates and strict adherence to other non-pharmaceutical interventions such as wearing masks indoors.  We see a direct correlation between high vaccination rates and decreasing case rates, and this is an example of what we can do together as a community.

Because Marin County is on the margin of the orange (“substantial”) and yellow levels, we anticipate some fluctuation in rates, meaning Marin may move back to orange temporarily until our data stabilizes at a consistently lower rate.   

Marin County Public Health will continue to use the CDC tracker to monitor local transmission rates. This measurement is one of three criteria required to lift the local indoor mask requirement. If Marin remains in yellow for three weeks consecutively, the local indoor mask requirement will cease and default to the state’s current mask mandate. For more information about masking requirements and the full criteria to lift the local mandate, visit the masks and face coverings webpage.