SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Should there be a national face mask mandate?

Research from Goldman Sachs suggests such a requirement would slow the growth rate of new coronavirus infections and prevent a 5% GDP loss caused by more lockdown measures, Forbes reports.

The research further revealed that a federal mask requirement would increase the number of people wearing masks by 15% and cut the daily growth of new cases by between 0.6% and 1%.

Additionally, analysts also found that wearing masks could be a substitute for strict stay-at-home orders that would otherwise cut 5% – $1 trillion – off the US GDP.

“If a face mask mandate meaningfully lowers coronavirus infections, it could be valuable not only from a public health perspective but also from an economic perspective because it could substitute for renewed lockdowns that would otherwise hit GDP,” the researchers wrote.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom has already issued a statewide mandate requiring face masks in high-risk settings.

Last week, presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would use federal power to mandate wearing a mask in public if he were president.

“The one thing we do know is these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks,” Biden told KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, all while wearing a black mask.

Biden’s comments come after Trump recently told The Wall Street Journal that masks are “a double-edged sword” and also suggested that masks are being worn as a political statement, rather than a health precaution, to show disapproval of him.

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