SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – The first shipment of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Santa Clara County on Tuesday. 

This first batch is 5,850 doses, part of an expected 17,550 doses, which will be forwarded on to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. 

Ramping up for vaccinations that could begin by the end of the week is Stanford Health Care, says vice president Lisa Schilling.

“We know in the first shipment we’re going to get 3,900 doses, we’re already prepared for that and we also just heard today, hot off the press, that as of Thursday we’ll understand how many doses of the next shipment of Pfizer we’re going to get the week of the 21st of this month,” Schilling said. 

Stanford will ultimately need as many as 30,000 doses. 

Eventually, as more vaccine arrives, Stanford hopes to vaccinate as many as 1,000 people a day — priority will be given to frontline workers.

“We start with the people who are delivering care and service right at the front lines, so those are the doctors, the nurses, the environmental service workers, the nutrition workers, security guards, and so on. People who are there to deliver care and service,” Schilling said. 

Included in Stanford’s allocation is 975 doses headed for people in its affiliate, Valley Care. 

San Jose’s hard-hit Regional Medical Center could not say how many vaccines it will get but that vaccinations could begin as soon as tomorrow. 

Another 39,000 doses of Moderna’s vaccine is set to arrive here next week. 

Broad participation is needed for the best results. 

At Stanford, 80-percent of people eligible to be vaccinated said they intend to do so, says Lisa Schilling.

“The reason we want to talk about that is because we also want the community to be confident. We can’t get passed this pandemic until we get a certain portion of folks vaccinated and feel safe, and do that safely,” Schilling said.

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