SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The good news about reaching a possible peak in the COVID-19 surge is that the hospitalizations and case rates are sure to go down.

Local doctors have been predicting a peak in cases and hospitalizations occurring mid-to-late January, and trends are pointing to this in the Bay Area and some other parts of California.

Current numbers in San Francisco show a seven day average of nearly 1,800 new COVID cases per day, and 240 hospitalizations. Numbers are mostly updated every ten days and they are starting to plateau.

UCSF doctor Peter Chin-Hong and his colleagues say there are other parts of the country that haven’t reached the peak and cases are still rising. But the first omicron case was reported in San Francisco – so it makes sense for us to reach the peak quicker.

At UCSF, doctors say it is busy because this is a busy time of year with people sick. But fewer people are severely ill in the ICU from COVID compared to last year. Doctors attribute that to more people being vaccinated, so symptoms are less severe.

Local health officials think it could take three to four weeks to see the drop off in numbers.

Dr. Chin-Hong doesn’t believe we will live like this forever. He said COVID may stick around at a smaller capacity like cold or flu season, with vaccinations available.

There is a possibility there could be more new variants, but omicron could remain the most dominant variant.