SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Rollercoasters are rolling once again at California’s Great America.

The amusement park reopened today at 25% capacity after shutting down due to the pandemic.

Nothing has physically changed.

All of the roller coasters are running, the parks’ characters are ready to greet people, and you can munch on the same food.

But people will have to do some things differently.

The park requires visitors to wear face coverings and have their temperature checked before entering.

A few thousand people reserved a spot for Saturday’s reopening.

Making a reservation is now the only way to be able to walk through the gates.

“I have never seen this many people. It has been a year since I’ve been in a place like this. So I’m really excited to be here, kind of like a sense of normalcy.”

Visitors like Gabby Camacho say the request is no problem..

“I’m actually nervous to not have face masks anymore because I’m so used to like having them on, ya know.”

Hand sanitizers are placed at almost every ride, workers are wiping down the attractions after each use, and markers are placed on the floor to remind people to stay six feet apart.