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Researchers turn to antibodies as possible answer to fight COVID-19


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Scientists around the world are racing to meet the desperate demand to stop new coronavirus infections and reduce its ability to kill.​

A San Francisco based biotech company believes they’ve found the answer in an antibody.​

As we wait for an approved vaccine that could take more than a year, researchers from all over are looking for an immediate fix.

They are now turning to antibodies for several key reasons​.

New York is now the U.S. epicenter of the novel coronavirus that is crippling health and the economy there and around the world. ​

The state’s governor is one of many people who are hoping that testing people who have already recovered may be a solution.​

“This tests the blood to determine whether or not you have the antibodies which means you had the virus and resolved the virus,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.​

Those antibodies can then be shared with anyone like healthcare workers to prevent them from getting COVID-19 as well as help heal people that are already infected, among other benefits.​

“We’ll have a better feel with the antibody test about the actual penetrants is in society how many people have actually been infected who’s protected. If you have an antibody it’s very likely that you are protected,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said. ​

But the nations top doctors warn no test has been approved by the FDA for use just yet.​

“We’ll see and you’ve heard about it happening in the UK and other places is a series of antibody tests out there that have not been validated. We are working right now very closely with a series of companies out there that know how to make these tests that have made these tests fo us for decades for HIV for a rapid test,” Dr. Deborah Birx said. ​

Meanwhile in San Francisco, to speed up this process, researchers with a company called “Distributed Bio” are diverting from starting from scratch discovering an antibody and are instead are hard at work using existing antibodies successfully fought off SARS  that in the past.

The company’s CEO Dr. Jake Glanville believes they are close to proving these known antibodies can be used once again, this time to wipe out coronavirus symptoms.​

Dr. Glanville hopes their testing will be complete by the end of summer so they can hand them  off to the military then start testing these antibodies on people.​

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