SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – As San Francisco approaches 7,000 cases of COVID-19, a thousand of which happened in just the last two weeks, there are some encouraging signs.

Cases and hospitalizations are increasing at a slower rate than they were at the end of July. 

Key COVID-19 health indicators in San Francisco are slightly improving.  

Over the last two weeks, the number of new cases each day has dropped from an average of 125 to 88, but health officials say this is still way too high.

“This is one of our key health indicators and anything above 50 cases a day continues to put us in the red zone, on high alert and we have been there for the last six weeks,” Dr. Grant Colfax said. 

COVID-19 hospitalizations have also dropped over the last week from 109 to 92, but health officials say in June the number of those hospitalized was about a quarter of that.

“So even as we see some numbers improving, we must stay vigilant. We will continue to pause reopening, which is cause for a slight slowdown in cases,” Colfax said. 

City officials are also focusing on feeding an ever increasing number of people during the pandemic.

“With an increased number of residents out of work, the number of people trying to get nutritious food is also increasing. City food partners reported a surge in demand,” Shireen McSpadden said. 

Combined the various agencies throughout the city are providing the equivalent of a million meals per week.

Now the city has announced it will extend its great plates meal delivery program for at-risk seniors through September 9.

One other note of interest, health officials say they have surpassed their goal of doing an average of 1800 tests a day, in fact they are doing about 3100 tests a day which they say is better than most jurisdictions across the U.S.

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