SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco public school teachers and staff will not be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The move follows most but not all of California’s school districts.

“We’re asking San Francisco Unified School District to actually require or mandate vaccination or submit to regular testing,” Frank Lara said.

Frank Lara is the Executive Vice-President of the United Educators of San Francisco.

He says San Francisco Unified should fall in line with what the state, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Marin are requiring for schools.

“We have the science. We need to follow the science. We know what works and keeps children safe. I participated in the teaching during the last semester when we were in person and it felt safe if the protocols were followed,” Lara said.

The district is also no longer requiring physical distancing or automatic classroom quarantines if there is a COVID exposure.

As for students who may be sick, San Francisco Unified will be relying on the honesty of the parent to keep their children home.

The vaccine mandate at other bay area school districts such as San Jose is being done to mitigate exposure to the Delta variant.

In a statement to KRON4 news, a San Francisco Unified spokesperson says, “We strongly encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated, and have shared numerous opportunities with staff, students and families to access vaccines at our schools and in other places throughout San Francisco. We will continue to follow public health guidance and monitor updates regarding COVID-19 and vaccines.”

Lara says union members are ready to get back to the classroom.

“We are not derailing any plans. We are moving forward but what we have to do is do it again safely and working together using the science and knowledge we have today,” Lara said.