Spike in COVID-19 cases linked to Delta variant in Marin County


In the North Bay, Marin County is reporting a quadrupling of coronavirus infections in the past two weeks, and health officials there say the spike is at least partially due to a more contagious Delta variant.

The delta variant is more prevalent in Marin County is more infectious we’re seeing more and more cases it is finding unvaccinated people and our vaccine is our best line of defense

Marin County health officer Matt Willis says their average daily case count has gone from 3 a day to 13-20 per day.

They are able to sequence half of the cases and about 80% are coming back as the Delta variant, making it the dominant strain in the county.

And while they have no deaths since May, some have ended up in the hospital.

“We had a great interval there, where no one was in our hospital. Now we’re up to 7, 3 in the ICU. Unvaccinated people. Of the last 13 people that came into the hospital, one was vaccinated. The other 12 were unvaccinated. The pattern is very clear the vaccine is protective and that not being vaccinated makes you vulnerable.”

Marin County has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the state, with 92% of eligible people having at least one shot and 85% fully vaccinated.

All of the people hospitalized were adults, meaning they were eligible for the vaccine.

They’ve shut down their mass vax sites. but the effort to get shots in arms continues.

The one vaccinated person who was recently hospitalized is back home.

Dr. Willis says they’ve had 120 breakthru cases total. He says its concerning that an increasing proportion of those were found to be infected with the delta variant.

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