STANFORD, Calif. (KRON) – Stanford University School of Medicine is making it a little easier for people to get tested for COVID-19.

The study is called the “Community Alliance to Test Coronavirus at Home” or CATCH and researchers over at Stanford Medical School are looking for volunteers to participate.

If you’d like to volunteer, you’ll be asked to fill out a quick survey about your health and any recent exposures – that’s to determine whether you’re eligible.

If you’re selected to be a part of the study, you’ll receive an at-home test kit in the mail at no cost to you.

You would then use the swab that’s included in the kit to take a sample from your nostrils, repackage it and then a medical courier service would pick it up and take it to the lab for you.

Results are then available in less than 48 hours from the time your kit is picked up.

According to the CATCH study website, anyone in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area may be eligible to participate in the study, including those experiencing symptoms or not, and children age 5 and older.

You can sign up on the study’s website.

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