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Study: Children less likely to get COVID-19


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A new study suggests children are at lower risk for COVID-19.

This as the CDC releases new guidance to reopen schools.

A local infectious disease expert weighs in on if it’s safer for younger kids to return to school.

Health experts say children are less likely to transmit COVID-19 because of the way they’re built.

A new study from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that children aged nine and under were least likely to be infected and that the infection rate is higher among teenagers.

Epidemiology professor, Dr. George Rutherford, says children have fewer receptors that the virus binds to.

“Those are the receptors that the virus spike protein so it kind of grabs on to sort of like a key and into a lock and is able to infect that cell so if you have fewer of these receptors as children under 10 seem to have, the idea is that they would less likely become infected,” Dr. Rutherford said. 

It raises the question if elementary schools are safer to reopen than high school. So far there’s been little data on outbreaks in schools.

“Europeans have been going to school all summer basically and we really haven’t heard anything from them or from the asian countries that have had children in elementary school for quite a while,” Dr. Rutherford said. 

Danielle Beres is a teacher and parent. She prefers virtual learning.

“For right now that is the safest best and mostly because the schools don’t have the money to put all the safety features in place that would be necessary to keep everybody safe,” Beres said. 

Cathy Vupang has young children and is open to in-person learning down the road.

“I would be for having my kids go in physically. I don’t think all the kids all in one time going in like 24 kids in a classroom makes sense but perhaps maybe half of the kids on one day, half of the kids virtually at the same time,” Vupang said. 

As for in-person learning, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state order prohibiting schools within counties on the state watch list from reopening for in-person instruction until certain criteria are met.

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