SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The president’s victory lap over the coming distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine has been overshadowed by word the administration failed to lock in a chance to buy millions of additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine when it had the chance.

That raises questions over whether it will delay delivery of a second batch of doses keeping many Americans waiting.

“I think it remains to be seen if it puts us in a hole at all, and if so how big a hole. I expect it won’t be enormous,” said UC San Francisco Infectious Disease Virologist Dr. George Rutherford.

Rutherford says the Trump administration’s decision not to secure more doses of the Pfizer vaccine may not cause too much of a delay because Pfizer isn’t the only vaccine that will be approved this month.

“Don’t forget Moderna is coming online at the same time with a vaccine with lots and lots of doses of that.”

Between Moderna and Pfizer, plans call for distributing and administering an initial supply of 40 million doses for 20 million Americans by the end of the year.

That leaves about 310 million Americans to be vaccinated.

“I would suspect we could get most people who want to get vaccinated in the second and third quarter of spring and summer.”

The goal is to get at least 70% of Amerians vaccinated.

That would create herd immunity and thus begin the return to normal.

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