SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Roll up your sleeves if you want to work in San Francisco.

Starting Wednesday, employees must prove they’re fully vaccinated if they want to clock in.

This applies to people who work in areas where there’s a lot of contact.

The rule goes for workers at businesses like:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Theaters
  • Entertainment venues
  • Indoor gyms and other fitness establishments

San Francisco gave employees two months to get the vaccine. Back on August 12th, San Francisco required customers to show proof of vaccination at the businesses.

Both customers and now employees entering those workplaces must be fully vaccinated.

This is the city’s way to protect people against the spread of COVID-19 but also keep businesses open.

The vaccination requirements apply to health care providers too.

That includes workers at adult day-care centers, residential care facilities, dental offices, home health aides, and pharmacists.

City leaders and health experts continue to push for vaccines. They say it’s the most powerful tool to protect people from the virus.

The city and county still have a ways to go. As of Monday, 75% of San Franciscans, eligible for a COVID shot, are fully vaccinated.

With this new mandate, city leaders hope more people roll up their sleeves.