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Vallejo couple dies 11 days apart due to COVID-19


VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – A Vallejo family is mourning for both their mother and father.

The couple was together for 35 years but lost their battle with COVID-19 in July dying just 11 days apart from each other.

Their love story was one for the books, according to their son Delon Adams, from high school, all the way until their final moments. 

“They would’ve had a hard time without each other,” said Delon. “They were the people that you see wearing the same clothes you know, matching! As corny as you may think that is, they did it because that was just them. They were lovebirds.”

Delon says the last month has been a blur.

His parents had been responsible, he said, staying away from others and always wearing masks but somehow they contracted COVID-19 in mid-July. 

Both were at higher risk for the virus due to their pre-existing conditions. 

Keith, 62,  was diabetic and Gwendolyn, 60, suffered from asthma and MDS, a type of blood cancer.

Though Keith suffered symptoms first, just a few days after they were both admitted to the hospital, Gwendolyn passed away and 11 days later, Keith followed.

“He was on the phone with her, when she first started coding,” said Delon. “So he knew before he was intubated that his wife had passed. We didn’t think we were going to lose him, but then one day they called and said they needed to put him on dialysis, and 40 or 45 minutes later they called and said he didn’t make it.”

Delon says he’s gone through every emotion possible over the last few weeks.

“I’m still in disbelief. I’m cried out and I’m numb, but I’m looking to the positive about it,” Delon said. 

Finding comfort in the fact that his parents’ love took them away together.

“Maybe it was their time and God wanted them to go together because they represented what love should be,” Delon said. 

Gwendolyn and Keith will be laid to rest together during a private burial in Vallejo on Wednesday August 12. 

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