SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Starting Monday at Costco, everyone must either wear a face mask or a face shield if they have a medical condition.

Children under the age of 2 years old are the only exception to the rule.

The retailer first required people to wear masks while entering its stores back in May, but allowed people with medical conditions to forgo the covering. Now, they are taking it one step further as coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country.

The CDC does not recommend face shields as a substitute for a mask, but if you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons then it’s your best option. Make sure the face shield covers your entire face and chin.

Doctors applaud Costco for taking these measures.

Another big retailer is also changing its policy – Walmart is starting to limit capacity to 20 percent.

Walmart started limiting capacity in May. When cases started to decline, they stopped counting customers at the door. But as a second wave begins, Walmart says it will start doing it again.

This comes as we head into the holiday shopping season and the winter months – Walmart says this will help them control the crowds.

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