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What’s next for the Grand Princess cruise ship?


OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The Grand Princess cruise ship is still docked and dozens of people were able to get off the ship Monday.

The unloading process will continue through Tuesday.

The cruise ship was forced to idle for days off the coast of California because of people on board with coronavirus, has arrived at the Port of Oakland.

23 people in need of acute medical care were taken off the ship late Monday afternoon but it’s unclear how many of them had tested positive for the virus.

People were seen on their balconies looking out at the East Bay anxious to disembark.

“Sometime in the next day or two, we are not sure exactly which, we will get off the boat,” Greg Rafanelli said. 

Greg Rafanelli and his wife have been stuck in their room now for days.

There are 3500 people on board, 21 of them testing positive for coronavirus and 19 of those who tested positive are crew members.

They have been kept in isolation.

KRON4 is told all 25 children onboard are healthy.

Rafanelli describes what it has been like to be forced to stay inside his cabin.

“We’ve been in here for other than we got sprung today as we were coming through the golden gate to walk around the promenade once and that’s the only time we’ve had fresh air or have seen the light of day in the last 3 days,” Rafanelli said. 

Additional medical personnel was able to get on the ship Monday afternoon.

US officials will be transferring thousands of passengers to military bases for quarantine or sending them to their home countries.

962 of the passengers are California residents and we know they’ll be taken to either Travis Air Force Base or Miramar for a 14-day quarantine.

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