SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – While the new order to stay home except for essential needs takes effect at midnight in San Francisco, many of the city’s essential services will continue to run.

Some of those services include Muni, BART, and operations at federal buildings.

Essential transportation agencies will keep running in order for health care workers and our first responders can get to work.

It’s also so you can still get to the grocery store or pharmacy.

In a press conference on Monday, BART said it will continue to provide regular service with long enough trains for social distancing.

Muni said it will also continue with some adjustments. For example, it will rearrange the Financial District express services, where ridership is down and reroute those cars to neighborhoods and hospitals.

The city’s transportation agency also said they’re changing some parking regulations in San Francisco.

It will suspend all late penalties for failure to pay citations and temporary stop parking enforcement measures that are not related to public health, safety and accessibility.

“Effective immediately, we are suspending enforcement of residential parking permits, peak hours two aways and parking for longer than 72 hours. We will, however, need to continue enforcement of rules related to health, safety, and accessibility of services. This includes street cleaning, blocking of bike lanes, double parking, and parking in transit-only lanes. Meters will continue to be enforced because our businesses will still be open,” Jeffrey Tumlin with SFMTA said.

Caltrain and SamTrans will also maintain services during this time.

Police also say that we’ll notice some changes in the streets and see a lot more patrols in retail areas to protect businesses and also make sure that people aren’t traveling in large groups.

The health order was issued through April 7, but it may be extended or reduced.

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