SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — “Wuhan is locked down. Nobody can go in or get out. The city’s sacrificing for the whole country and the whole world,” Tom Gong said.

Gong was close to tears on Thursday thinking about Wuhan, China — the place where he was born and grew up.

He said his brother and relatives are doctors in Wuhan, treating coronavirus patients at Wuhan Union Hospital.

“We talk to them every day because we want to support them emotionally,” Gong said. “Very exhausted.”

Hearing about the situation and watching the death toll rise, Gong said he knew he had to help.

Other Wuhan natives in San Jose joined him in what’s now known as “Wuhan United”. 

The nonprofit works with other organizations and supply chains to send supplies, including medical masks, isolation gowns and gloves to China.

“Probably 50, 60 people working here in U.S.,” Gong said. “In China we have hundreds of volunteers because we are helping, sending medical material to a lot of different cities, not only Wuhan but other cities as well.”

The nonprofit formed nearly a month ago.

This was one of their first shipments to Wuhan Union Hospital. Now they’re already on their 8th shipment to China, equipped with 1.6 million masks, isolation gowns and gloves.

Gong said the supplies will be spread across seven cities and 50 hospitals.

“Nobody has ever seen this situation in the world history. In this history of mankind,” Gong said. “City of 12 million people got locked down. I cant even imagine. But they are courageous. They are sacrificing.”

Wuhan United sent a total of 2.6 million supplies so far.

They even got their hands on half of a million of those N95 masks that are in huge demand and shortage right now.

If you’d like to help or find out more information about the organization, click here.

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