REDWOOD CITY (KRON) — Prosecutors were expected to reveal the next steps in the murder case of Keith Green Wednesday but instead have delayed the announcement.

Another hearing has been scheduled for next Wednesday, Dec. 11.

We’re waiting to find out if Tiffany Li’s former boyfriend Kaveh Bayat will be retried in the murder of Green after a hung jury was declared last month.

In November, a San Mateo County jury found 34-year-old heiress Li not guilty of murdering Green, the father of two young daughters.

Li is now free, but the jury deadlocked 6-6 over Bayat’s guilt.

Green was murdered in April of 2016. Prosecutors say Bayat, Li’s then-boyfriend, shot Green to death execution-style in the garage of Li’s Hillsborough mansion.

Olivier Adella, the couple’s body guard, is accused of getting rid of Green’s body.

Olivier Adella (left), Kaveh Bayat (right)

During Li’s trial, her defense team based its case off Adella being the true killer.

Attorney John May said the District Attorney’s Office learned its lesson “the hard way,” by putting Li and Bayat on trial for homicide, instead of Adella.

Green’s mother remains convinced that Li is by no means innocent. “She orchestrated all of this,” Colleen Cudd told reporters. “She was evil to me, she was evil to my son, she’s just evil.”

Keith Green
Keith Green

When asked why the District Attorney’s Office put Li and Bayat on trial for homicide, May said, “I think it was because Colleen Cudd blamed Tiffany immediately. It was a monumentally poor decision to make that plea agreement with Adella. He’s a scary cat. Adella has been a drifter his entire adult life. He’s someone who looks for an easy mark, easy money, and just goes after it.”

In an interview with reporters immediately after Li’s verdict, District Attorney Steve Wagstaff said there will be several factors that go into deciding whether there will be a second trial, and if so, who will go on trial.

One factor that Wagstaff discussed was that fact that the jury was split 6-6, as opposed to 11-1, and noted that he realizes taxpayers’ money is being spent every time a new trial happens.

Will 33-year-old Bayat face a new trial? Will Adella be put on trial instead? Or will they go on trial together as co-defendants, both charged with murder?

Stay with KRON4 News to find out.

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