REDWOOD CITY (KRON) – Geoff Carr, defense attorney for Tiffinay Li who was acquitted Friday after a high profile trial, commented outside of the San Mateo Superior Courthouse on the assertions that money or privilege played a part in his client’s ruling.

“Hogwash… we didn’t do anything for Ms. Li that we would not have done,” Carr said. “We didn’t work any harder on this case than [other cases]. The only difference was that Ms. Li could afford to pay us a hell of a lot more per hour to do it.”

Co-council May Mar continued by criticizing the media for spreading apparent inaccurate information, but did not go into detail as to what that information was.

“There was a lot of reports out there that were completely false or just absolutely wrong,” Mar said. “And when the public reads that, they don’t know the half of what happened in this court room.”

Li was exonerated Friday after a movie-like series of events which included media intrigue, a cash bail of $35 million, 3 months of trial proceedings, which revealed a love triangle, $20 million child payments and 12 days of tense jury deliberation.

Li was arrested on May 21, 2016 for murder charges after her ex-boyfriend, Keith Green, went missing and was later found dead.

Kaveh Bayat, Li’s ex-boyfriend and co-defendant, is still awaiting his verdict.

When asked on what Li’s plans were now that she was a free women, Carr said she would probably travel, and reestablish her relationship with her children and family.