GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you love watching gymnastics at the Olympics, you know Tim Daggett.

He’s been covering the games for NBC since 1992. Before that, he was a competitor himself. In 1984, he was the first American man to win Olympic gold in gymnastics.

Like all of us, he’s eager to see what Simone Biles, who already has four gold medals and a bronze from Rio, will pull off at the Tokyo Games.

“Simone Biles, when you look at her, the things that she is able to do are so beyond the realm of imagination of just about anybody in the gymnastics world,” Daggett said. “She does skills that only a handful of men do, and often times on those most difficult skills that only a handful of the men do, she does it better than them. So she’s really pushed the sport.”

Daggett said unlike some other dominant competitors, Biles has no peers: She’s fast, powerful, coordinated and has a precise sense of exactly where she is in the air during a skill. And all of that is before you get to technique.

“She is so far and above better than everyone else, it’s just remarkable,” Daggett said.

Above, Daggett discusses more about what may be next in Biles’ career, the men’s chances for a team medal and what it will be like for athletes and analysts at an Olympics like no other.

The Tokyo Olympics begin July 23.