MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) – The body of Kevin Nishita received a police escort from Oakland to a South Bay mortuary Wednesday.

It was a week ago today the retired officer was gunned down while working as a guard protecting a KRON4 News crew.

“It is difficult any time this happens, and unfortunately it happens too often,” said Sgt. Leo Prescott with the San Jose Police Department.

Nishita’s body was transported from the Alameda County Coroner in Oakland to the Cusimano family Colonial Mortuary in Mountain View.

A  police procession of red and blue flashing lights, a fitting tribute honoring his career of service in uniform as an officer at the Oakland Housing Authority, Hayward police, Colma police, and the San Jose police department who led the way during the procession.

“Sgt. Nishita, when he was still with the San Jose police department, we were detectives together in the gang investigation unit for 3 years. We brought our brother home and that’s what this is about,” said Captain Carlos Acosta with the San Jose police department.

After retiring in 2018, Keven Nishita joined the Star Protection Agency where he worked as a guard for news crews in the Bay Area.

Authorities said they believe a white Acura involved in the shooting of Nishita is the same car used during an armed robbery in the Presidio in San Francisco on Nov. 22.

Police believe the same vehicle was used during an armed robbery in san Francisco’s Presidio 2 days earlier.

Authorities are asking the person who recorded the video or anyone with video linked to the investigation to contact them immediately at OPD’s Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821.

A reward of $32,500 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

Donations to Kevin’s family can be made to the ‘Kevin Nishita Trust’ at Metropolitan Bank, located at 381 8th Street, Oakland 94601.

Donations can be made in person at any Metropolitan Bank location or via mail.

The account number: 116020591, routing number 121141343.