A look at a Windsor home destroyed by the Kincade Fire

Kincade Fire

WINDSOR (KRON) — A home on Chalk Hill Road in Windsor has been completely leveled by fire. 

It’s one of the nearly 100 structures that have been destroyed by the Kincade Fire. 

Smoke was still rising from the ashes Monday afternoon. 

The address was unreadable on the Chalk Hill home’s mailbox. 

The front landscaping is now charred .

There are few recognizable shapes left behind — what used to be a refrigerator and on the other side of some greenery that didn’t burn there was a riding lawn mower that seemed unscathed. But on closer inspection you can see it had one of its front headlights and a tire melted in the heat of the flames.

Firefighters worked to put out hot spots on a neighboring property across the street as KRON4’s Maureen Kelly was at the home. 

Video shows a spot fire flaring up  where flames could still be seen consuming dry grass and turning trees into charcoal.

Firefighters were scattered actively putting water on the still smoldering ground and working to cut down trees on the verge of collapse.

Some ground at the Roth Vineyard was still smoking.

Across the street there was some scattered damage that could be seen to several vehicles on the property and on the blackened hillside, a flagpole was still standing.

The flags were still flying but not being whipped around as strongly as they undoubtedly were during the recent high winds that drove the fire’s destructive path.

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