Amazon supports Small business in the San Francisco Bay Area. In celebration of Small Business Week 2023 Amazon Seller Relations team joined the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to share the fundamentals of buidling an Amazon Store including the resources and programs Amazon has to help enable Small Business success.

More than 50% of products sold on Amazon are sold via SMBs.   

Amazon offers resources like:  The Amazon Small business Academy, Small Business badges, Global Selling, Fulfillment by Amazon, and funding help for Black Business Accelerator, Underrepresented Founders and Amazon Catalytic Capital. 

There are 220,000+ small and medium business sellers and independent authors in California growing their businesses with Amazon.  California had the 5th most sellers per capita in the US, in 2021.  More than 2 million sellers on Amazon, most of which are SMB.

Some of the ways Amazon supports SMBs in the Bay Area:

  • Amazon Small Business Academy
  • More than 600,000 hours of educational content offered in 2021
  • Amazon and 3rd party lenders lent $1.4 billion to SMBs in 2021
  • Small Business Badge
  • Indication to customers
  • Global Selling – identifying intl’ opportunities, simplify listings, global inventory management
  • 2021 – $2 billion in international sales and 225 million products exported
  • Fulfillment by Amazon FBA 
  • In 2021, more than 600,000 sellers used FBA
  • FBA fees are 70% less expensive than comparable two-day shipping alternatives
  • Black Business Accelerator – $150 million investment and storefront
  • Underrepresented Founders – $30 million for start ups
  • Amazon Catalytic Capital – $150 million investment in VC funds (pre-seed, seed stage)

 These are some of the successful local business using Amazon Small business resources:

ASM Games 

“Here at ASM Games, we believe games should not only be fun, but also build meaningful connection. That’s why we started our mission to create games that bring people together to laugh, talk and build memories.

All of our games are specifically designed to be fun and engaging, while encouraging players to learn more about each other in the process.

Nana Joe’s Granola

“Nana Joes Granola is about more than just EPIC granola. We believe a business is only as strong as its community and the path to success must include the health and wellness of the people around you. We have always made sure to include our community in our day to day and big picture decisions because without our community we are nothing. 

In the Bay Area community, Amazon is committed to supporting local small business and helping them thrive.   Learn more at: