OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – It’s an exciting time to be an A’s fan with the team advancing to the ALDS, but it’s also a little bittersweet since fans can’t be at the games.

Usually, when playoff baseball is underway you’d find George Henderson, also known as Krazy George, front row center at the Coliseum.

This season, instead, he’s enjoying time on his newly purchased boat.

However, just because he can’t attend A’s games in person due to the coronavirus, doesn’t mean Krazy George has lost his gusto.

Krazy George has dedicated decades of his life to cheering for sports teams in the Bay Area and beyond. You can’t miss him leading the crowd with his big smile and loud drum.

“They love the fans cheering for them and that’s what I do. I give that extra energy to the players, makes them play a little harder, might give them an extra run during the game,” said Henderson.

Thirty-nine years ago at the A’s-Yankees playoff game, Krazy George introduced the wave to the world. He still has a video from that day.

“It kept going like a locomotive! The energy and it kept going and going it went around about seven times. And fans had never saw anything like it in their life! And they were celebrating and screaming,” said Henderson.

He hopes to be back inside the Coliseum next season to celebrate the wave’s 40th anniversary.

In the meantime he’s relaxing with his wife Pat on the water, hoping to watch the A’s sail into the World Series from afar.

“They’re gonna win this series easy. Cause they’re more talented. They don’t have my good looks, unfortunately, but they’re okay looking. I mean look at this face,” said Henderson.

Henderson has his own website and a book for more information, and you can also find him on Facebook.

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