OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – You may know them as the Oakland 68’s, a group of Oakland A’s fans who sit in left and right field with music, flags, rooting in support of the team.

Well, the group is deeply concerned about the possibility of the A’s moving out of Oakland and decided to protest at a recent game.

Signs read, “Keep Fighting,” “Yes on July 20,” “Commit to Oakland.” These messages are from the group of loyal Oakland A’s fans.

“We’re a group of A’s fans from the right field and left field bleachers,” Jorge Leon said. 

The number 68 represents the team’s 68th season and its first season in Oakland. 

The president of the Oakland 68’s Jorge Leon says the team hung the banners during Tuesday’s game versus the Astros to protest the A’s organization exploring stadium options outside of the town.

KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun: The A’s just openly said, hey we are actively looking in Nevada. Talk about the emotional impact on you.

Jorge Leon: Oh man! First and foremost we are A’s fans and we are all about the city of Oakland and our team, you know the players, the A’s. So, it’s very difficult to go through this news again. It makes us kind of a little bit depressed. We still support them. We still want them to build this ballpark in Oakland.

Madyun: You guys said you want the A’s in Oakland, Howard Terminal, Coliseum, just keep the A’s in Oakland. That’s your primary goal?

Leon: That’s correct! But we definitely want Howard Terminal to see this city become the world-class city that it deserves to be and we deserve something great like this.

However, not everyone is onboard with building a waterfront stadium. 

Opponents to the Howard Terminal site say that it will saddle Oakland taxpayers with infrastructure costs for a new stadium and development complex that will negatively impact the seaport.  

On July 20, the Oakland City Council has scheduled a vote on the ballpark proposal.