CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Monkeypox cases are quickly rising in Contra Costa County. Public health officials there are frustrated with the state’s slow rollout of the vaccine.

“It’s a significant disease that we really are concerned about,” said Public Health Director Ori Tzvieli.

During Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting Contra Costa County’s Public Health Director Dr. Ori Tzvieli explained the county is receiving 10 times less vaccine doses for monkeypox from the state compared to San Francisco and three times fewer than Alameda County.

The populations and confirmed positive cases in both communities far exceed Contra Costa County’s.

But Dr. Tzvieli says the disease is spreading quickly.

 “In our county, there’s 31 confirmed or probable cases, and another 13 suspected cases,” he said.

That may not sound like a lot when you consider San Francisco is reporting more than 470 positive cases, but it’s alarming for public health officials considering it was just one month ago that Contra Costa County reported its first confirmed case.

“Sixteen of our 31 cases have been in west county and 10 in central county. Ten of the cases — 10 of the 31 have been in Hispanic or Latino men,” Tzvieli said.

Chief of the county’s communicable disease programs, Paul Leung says demand for the monkeypox vaccine is far exceeding supply, adding that the county has vaccinated more than 845 people in recent weeks.

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But the wait list stands at more than 1,800 people and it’s not open to the general public.

“We, along with many Bay Area counties, are vaccinating people as long as they meet the high priority group. They don’t have to be a resident of Contra Costa County. So, we are encouraging community members, if they are eligible to try multiple venues. That way, it increases their chances of being vaccinated in a timely manner,” said Leung.

 Dr. Tzvieli says the county just received 720 doses of the 1,800 doses the county has been allocated by the state for the month and is in the process of notifying those at high-risk to book an appointment.