OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland Pride​ returns this weekend and it is getting major reinforcement from the White House to combat the spread of monkeypox. The Biden Administration plans to send thousands of vaccines to locations holding LGBTQI events, including right here in the Bay Area.  

Oakland Pride will be one of the first events to dispense thousands of vaccines. Ari Curry with Oakland Pride told KRON4, “I am very excited about it. I feel it is a stepping stone in the right direction.”

Curry is addressing the news announced Tuesday of a federal pilot program delivering 2,400 additional monkeypox vaccines to upcoming LGBTQI+ events in the country. Those events include Oakland Pride this coming Sunday, and Pridefest on September 11.  

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Curry tells KRON4, “We will be having booths set up for both COVID and m-pox, so this is just a great way to serve our community.” Oakland Pride is returning after a two-year pause due to the pandemic. 

“We are excited! It is a chance for us to be together, back to being normal and sharing love in our community,” Curry said. Besides Oakland Pride and Pridefest, vaccines are being sent to upcoming events in New Orleans, and Atlanta.