SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The organizer of a pride event last month says they have been notified that one person who attended one of their events tested positive for monkeypox.

As of yesterday, San Francisco Public Health officials say there are now 40 probable and confirmed cases of monkeypox in San Francisco.

The organizers say the person tested positive for monkeypox this week, following their event, Comfort and Joy Afterglow 2022, which was held during Pride weekend.

Those organizers are urging people who went to the event to get tested for the virus.

Organizers of another event that weekend, Electroluxx, also stated an attendee self-reported having the monkeypox virus.

There have been more and more monkeypox cases in San Francisco. In just the last week, health officials reported an additional 24 cases, which now brings the total to 40.

The virus can spread through skin to skin contact, sexually, or through infected clothing.

The organizers of the event have shared a couple clinics for people to get tested for monkeypox.

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There’s one at the San Francisco City Clinic at 356 7th Street, and there’s another site at 470 Castro Street.

There is a two-dose vaccine for people who have tested positive for monkeypox. The health department says they have received doses to give to people who are at high-risk.

In the meantime health officials are going to be monitoring the amount of cases in San Francisco.