Alien presence came knocking when scientist Deep Prasad least expected it

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MYSTERY WIRE A young scientist from Canada who became interested in the UFO subject after reading about the secret Pentagon studies now has a new and very personal reason to investigate further.

His name is Deep Prasad and he was drawn to the subject because of the tech involved, the novel propulsion system demonstrated by the unknown craft shown in Pentagon videos, including the infamous Tic Tac UFO encounter wth the US Navy.

But since wading into the topic, Prasad says, he was confronted by the phenomenon, up close and personal.

“And I was terrified,” he says. “I was like, terrified and fascinated, because I was like, holy crap, these things are real, like, these stories I’ve read, they’re … people might not have been lying. That was one of the most profound realizations I had. I was like, now I’m one of them, too. Now I see what they see. Now I see why this drives people, right?”

What did he see that affected him to such a degree? Prasad just made his first public appearance in which he shared the story of what he encountered in his home.

He also has a proposal for a new research model on how to preperly investigate close encounter cases. An exclusive interview with Deep Prasad on

The Interview

  1. UFOs, physics and business compete for Deep Prasad’s time
  2. The experience: Deep Prasad reveals details of his encounter
  3. ‘A different reality’ involved with his encounter, Deep Prasad says

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