MYSTERY WIRE — Singer Robbie Williams has sold tens of millions of records all over the world and is a major star, but many of his fans are unaware of Williams’ multiple encounters with the paranormal.

Williams typically plays to packed stadiums in Europe, Asia and South America, but he’s not as well known in the US. He still hopes to use the Las Vegas residency to establish a stronger foothold in the US, whenever the world gets back to normal. He spoke to Mystery Wire about his career, and his interest in unexplained phenomena.

“I can’t remember not being interested in unusual phenomena,” Williams says. “And unusual phenomena has found its way to me several times. And once you see things and once you experience things, then it’s very difficult to not remain interested and inquisitive and want to know what’s real, what isn’t real, why this is happening. What was that?”

Williams says some of his experiences were witnessed by other people as well. He’s actively sought out weird places, too, including a weekend stay in and around the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

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