MYSTERY WIRE — One of the few economic bright spots to emerge during the COVID-19 lock down is vitamin supplements. Sales are up across the board, even though medical science is divided about whether supplements are of any use in warding off the virus. Mystery Wire went behind closed doors to see one of the biggest vitamin plants in the west.

You can pick any health topic and you can find a scientific paper to back up completely contradictory positions. Is coffee good for you? Yes and no. Salt? It’s good and bad. And what about vitamins?

Medical science says vitamins are absolutely vital to human health, but studies are divided about whether vitamin supplements are worth the money. Tens of millions of us are currently locked down in our homes, so a balanced diet isn’t easy to achieve.

While there is no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, Americans are stocking up on vitamins in hopes of boosting their immune systems.

Wayne Gosek talks about the vitamin supplements made at this Las Vegas factory.

Wayne Gorsek, founder of Dr. Vita, told Mystery Wire, “I think most consumers are aware that certain vitamins, minerals and herbs help improve your immune system. So sales are up 50 to 100% depending on which account, which retailer, which product.”

Gorsek’s company, Dr. Vita, produces vitamins for major chains including Walmart and Costco along with his own in house brand. He says vitamins are proven to help our immune systems and there are reasons for the conflicting studies.